Sometimes it is hard for us to remember if we are coming or going, and equally difficult to recall past destinations and posts. To check out posts about where we’ve been, use the shortcuts below.

This page holds a collection of Best-Of Photos from our first period of “reWIREment”. With links to related stories, it organizes our 2018-2019 activity and our new nomadic life. Where? Switzerland, Florida, Mexico, Southwest, West US.

For travels 2020-2021 – Click here for the NEW ZEALAND Tab on the main menu.

On The Road Again, and Again, and Again

  • On February 14, 2019, we drove from Vero Beach, Florida to La Paz, Baja Sur.
  • May – November, 2019, mind-blowing treks via California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada state and national parks.

Photos At A Glance

Following is a gallery of favorite photos by destination. Click once on the photo to view a slideshow.

“Click Here” prompts in the black boxes jumps to a Destination Page with drop-down sub-menus

Baja – DOUBLE CLICK HERE. Choose a dropdown menu to view a story.

  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Sedona – CLICK HERE

    Antelope Canyon – CLICK HERE

    Utah Parks – CLICK HERE to go to USA link. Use a dropdown menu to choose a park or story.

    Nevada – Valley of Fire! – CLICK HERE

    Death Valley – CLICK HERE

    New Mexico – CLICK HERE

    Florida – CLICK HERE

    Switzerland – CLICK HERE

  • Switzerland
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    5 thoughts on “Plans

    1. On your way from Sedona to Page, you might consider diverting from Flagstaff thru the Grand Canyon. I see you have it on the agenda after Las Vegas….long ways out of the way. Instead, leave Las Vegas and go thru Death Valley…..May be too warm but a more natural route.

      1. Agree! Steve nixed the GC for this trip, but if we run out of hikes in Sedona, we will head up. It is so close! We were there years ago, but now I want to ride my bike on the rim.

    2. I’m jealous of your US National Parks tour! I really enjoyed Bryce and Zion. Be sure to hike The Narrows in Zion. Also, Angel’s Landing is a very long hike with some scrambling at the top in Zion. It felt like a true accomplishment to get to the top!

      1. Marlene and Steve April 28, 2019 — 3:14 pm

        I think the Narrows is way too much for us…I’m not a fan of getting wet. Steve is not a fan of working too hard. I do have a ton of hikes marked for every stop!

    3. You’ll see some beautiful places to add to your Mexico sites. Safe travels

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