Sedona, AZ

Good Vibrations

One week in Sedona. From “The Peace” in La Paz, to a sacred site with brilliant red rock formations and hundreds of hiking trails – we tried a couple. We searched out vortexes (specific sites of concentrated energy that have an inspirational effect for some people). I was simply inspired by walking up the rocky trails, but I learned that once I start a trail…I must finish. Steve, on the other hand…is able to take a more leisurely approach. We both loved Sedona!

Formations and Vortexes

From uptown Sedona, West Sedona, or the neighborhoods, you are surrounded by formations with names – that you may remember.

Cathedral Rock Vortex

Airport Vortex at Sunset

Airport Loop Hike – A Rim Trail

Doe Mountain Hike

This trail abruptly ends on a mesa – with 1000 foot drops off the edge.

The fabulous view from the mesa. This is why I cannot stop once I set foot on a trail!

Slide Rock State Park

This was the site of a wildfire on May 20, 2014. The Slide Fire spread across 21,227 acres in Oak Creek Canyon over nine days at a cost of $9,300,000.

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park – Built 2004

A stupa is a sacred place for prayer, meditation, healing, and peace.

How to use a stupa: Circumambulate a stupa, walking in a clockwise direction, at least three times, while reciting a mantra or making heartfelt prayers for the benefit of loved ones, the state of the world, or all sentient beings. Or sit in front of a stupa and generate good thoughts, compassion and loving kindness.

View from the Peace Park. A nice place to mediate or just count blessings.


  • We stayed at a great Air BnB “Immaculate 1Br Near Uptown Shops”. In searching Air Bnb/ Sedona, any of the residences hosted by Greg and Tess will be top notch.
  • Restaurants abound – too many to recommend.
  • May is a good time to go.
  • Arizona wine is good. Yavapai College teaches wine making within their culinary program.
  • There are wine tasting opportunities in Jerome, which is a great drive.

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  1. Any UFO sightings while in Sedona?

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  2. Marlene, Marian and I are following your travels. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Janet and Marian


    1. Hi and thanks!!!! You are on my mind!


  3. Superb photos and description of Sedona! Makes me want to go back and spend more time.

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  4. Such beautiful country.

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