Ring Around the Mountain – Taranaki

Like magic you are drawn to Mt. Taranaki…a steep picture-perfect volcano that dominates the landscape. The near perfect volcano cone sits 8,261 feet above sea level. It is dramatic. One look at a map and a bird’s eye view, and we had to go.

The circle of green sharply defines Egmont Park’s boundary – one side of the old growth forest removed for farmland, sheep, and cattle. Crossing the boundary from farmland into rainforest is like pushing aside a heavy curtain and passing through a long (9km) tunnel of trees.

Is the volcano active? The huge volcano last erupted in 1775 and in the 1860’s a lava dome collapsed down the side of the mountain. Considered dormant (not extinct) it is said to be overdue, a ticking time bomb.

Hikes, Climbs, Long Walks and Strolls – A Tramper’s Heaven

Dawson Falls Trails and the Enchanted Trail at the Stratford Plateau – We crossed streams, stony riverbeds, and walked through fairyland.

Amazing paths…amazing views

The Cape Egmont Lighthouse and the Cows at the End of Cape Road

The New Plymouth Coastal Walkway leads to the Rewa Rewa Bridge.

NZ’s Most Magnificent Gardens Thrive in the Rich Volcanic Soil.

Pukeiti Gardens, at the edge of Mt Taranaki, sits in 900 acres of lush, native rain forest. Beautiful in winter, the garden has 2,500 varieties of rhododendrons, many giants. In the photo below, Steve stands near a rhodo over 20 ft tall. The spring (December) burst of rhododendron blooms must make your heart stop. We MUST return, and when we do, the Pukekura and Brooklands Gardens are a must see.

To all of this add world-class surfing, sandy beaches, climbing, hiking, fishing, outstanding gardens and forest-covered mountains, and you’ve got yourself a DESTINATION!

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13 thoughts on “Ring Around the Mountain – Taranaki

  1. Expedito Alimurong February 3, 2021 — 12:03 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing very informative, compelling, stunning photos ! Truly Kiwi


  2. Beautiful, even (or especially?) in the fog and mist. Gorgeous views, nicely framed in your photos!


    1. Thank you! There are so many great walks on Taranaki…an experience made for you! Early winter drizzle…but not too bad.


  3. Awesome post – thank you for sharing! What a dramatic scene with the volcano, the ring of farms and the sea. Just love those cows. 🙂 Had to watch and laugh many times. What joy. xo


    1. Thank you! Yah..the cows were my special treat. How can one not be joyful to be greeted like with that much enthusiasm? (Even if they did expect food.)


    1. Thank you for checking and commenting on my blog! Yours is so great!


  4. Simply stunning! The circle around the volcano is so sharply defined. The lighthouse is quite distinctive with the volcano right behind it! You are certainly doing a great job of capturing the feel for all of us to experience the adventure with you. x


    1. Oh that New Zealand….always showing off it’s nature side. Thanks for reading and commenting, dear friend!


  5. Thank you for sharing. The photos are amazing and your post makes me feel as if I am on the adventure with you.


    1. Oh Kristin..thank you so much. I truly want you and everyone on the trip. It is an adventure..as the Hobbits say.


  6. Such a gorgeous country.


    1. A gift..a real gift! Thank you for always commenting. I appreciate it.


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