Switzerland 2018

Length of stay: 4 days in September.  Zurich was a business destination for Steve and vacation for Marlene.


  • Breathtaking, efficient, friendly….add warmly welcomed.
  • Charming Aldstadt (old town) was our landing point for dinners and walks.
  • Cruising on Lake Zurich to a medieval village, Rapperswill.
  • The Alps! Trains, boats, cogs, trams and hiking trails provided two very different mountain experiences on Mt. Pilatis and Mt. Rigi.

Zurich and Rapperswill

Mt. Pilatus

Legend says that Mt. Pilatus, as it looms over Luzern, is guarded by a dragon with healing powers. The photos are from a breathtaking hike around the perimeter of this rocky mountain and looking up from the lake.

Mt. Rigi

A lush, green peak, in contrast to Mt. Pilatus.  Hiking down from the peak on a bright, sunny day is spectacular.



At the base of Mt. Rigi is Lake Luzern and an eye-popping boat trip to Old Town Lucerne, a postcard setting with a turreted medieval wall and crisscrossing wooden bridges.  In the rafters of the old covered bridges are 16th century paintings depicting The Danse Macabre…skeletons and reapers coming to drag people to the afterlife.   A fire in 1993 destroyed many of the irreplaceable paintings.

Frescoes from the 18th-19th century adorn buildings, now homes, museums, inns, shops and restaurants – of which my favorite has fur coats ready if lakeside dining gets chilly.

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